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I" highly recommend Courtney, she is absolutely amazing and honestly changed my life. I was very low when i first went to her and she gave me the hope for a brighter future and the feeling that i was in control of the direction of my life. I had assumed that therapy was all about talking, but actually Courtney also provided a wide range of interesting activities which I found very illuminating and surprisingly fun. They reduced my anxiety, allowing me to relax in to each session. Courtney helped me to understand myself, my past and what I want from life in the future much better. I felt that Courtney and I built a really strong connection over our sessions. It was so easy to talk to her because of her kind and thoughtful manner. She always gave me practical ideas on how to improve things and little achievable goals which made me feel that I was making tangible progress each week. I looked forward to our sessions even when they were hard. Going to see her always seemed to be a step in the right direction. I started to feel, week by week, that things seemed less overwhelming and that I could move forward with my life instead of feeling stuck. I cannot recommend her enough! No matter what you are dealing with, you will be in safe caring hands with Courtney"

“I was quite reticent at first not feeling I needed counselling.From the very first session the benefits were obvious and far reaching.Your calm manner helped me gradually unfold and share my feelings, torments, burdens and secrets.I'm so grateful for your time, patience, understanding and professionalism.Through you I've developed the understanding and acceptance to move on with my life.Thank you for all you've done.”  

"I feared the idea of therapy for so long, I was scared of being judged but from the first session I felt comfortable. You helped me to find the courage to believe in myself again and made me feel heard."

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